Security Grilles and Gates

Window grille
A window grille in the closed position, providing security while still letting in light and looking attractive

Windows and doors (particularly glass doors such as French windows and conservatory doors) are typically the most vulnerable points of entry to any building. How can you add an extra layer of security without compromising on aesthetics?

We can custom make and professionally install attractive security grilles and gates, which are an attractive way to safeguard your property while providing a visual deterrent. As well as the protection of the grille itself, which will stop a burglar entering even if the glass is broken, they can be fitted with multipoint locking and “anti jemmy” protection to stop them being forced open.

All gates and grilles can be colour matched to your door and paintwork.

Collapsible door security grille
A collapsible grille protecting a double door. The grille opens in the middle and folds away to the sides of the door to allow access.

Retractable door grilles

Retractable grilles will slide open and out of the way to allow access and visibility. These are usually fitted inside the property to secure a glass door or French windows.

Collapsible gates

Collapsible gates are similar to grilles but are typically fitted outside the property, and are often found on their own e.g. in car parks or securing solid doors such as elevators.

Bar gates

Bar gates are a solid structure and are usually fitted on the exterior of a property.

Window Grilles, gates and bars

As well as retractable grilles and solid gates, we can also fit permanent window bars, custom made and colour matched to your paintwork. We can even produce ornate designs if you are looking for something really special!

Optional extras

  • Hinged lift up track to hold the gate and track in place when it is in the open position.
  • Swivel lift up track to hold the gate and track in place when it is in the open position.
  • Removable bottom track – may be necessary for health and safety reasons!
  • Padlock fixing
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