Disabled Access

Disabled Access Solutions are offered by Discreet Security Solutions


Discreet Security Solutions offer a variety of security and door opening options for disabled people and for anyone with mobility issues. The products available include CCTV entry systems, wireless telephone entry systems and automatic opening doors.


Wireless telephone entry systems

The door to your property can be answered from anywhere in your home or garden, using a wireless telephone entry system. This is particularly useful if you cannot physically get to your front door very quickly. You will be able to speak to the caller and inform them that you are on the way to answer the door, or alternatively explain that you do not intend to open the door if applicable in the circumstances. It is possible to extend the functions of the system by adding an extra circuit and this would enable you to open the door from wherever you are in your home/business premises.

CCTV entry systems

Discreet Security Solutions are able to supply and install CCTV entry systems, which allow you to view the caller at your door before deciding to either talk to them and/or allow them entry into your home/place of work. A hand held unit with a screen  will relay images from the camera installed by your front door. This can really help with personal security, as you will already be aware of the identity of your caller, before conversing with them.

Automatic opening doors

If you walk with aides or use a wheel chair, then opening a door can be problematic. Having an automatic door opening device installed at your business premises and/or private property can alleviate the problem dramatically. Discreet Security Solutions will discuss your specific needs in order to supply and install the right product for you.

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