Locked out? Call 0333 800 1 24 7 or 07980 143 625 now!

You may find it worth putting this in your mobile for emergencies!
Some large companies will charge you well over £100 for a simple call-out. Discreet Security Services start from half that, and we will give you a free lock if we have to break yours!
For 24 hour locksmith calls, remember 0333 800 1 24 7!

This number can also be used during office hours, if you have any questions about your security, your company's security or your IT security, and we will arrange a suitable time to visit you.


Call us on 0333 800 1 24 7 (costs the same as a landline and is included in any minutes on an inclusive plan), 01885 448001 or 07980143625.

For much enhanced security for sensitive email regarding security matters, please consider using our PGP Key for correspondence. All our emails are signed with this key, and encrypted where possible.

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