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A bit more on “3 letters from your password”

(Before you read this: If you don’t know what a “Password hash” is, read up on it. In essence, it is a way to hide the password forever, using a neat algorithm that ensures that “1”, “2”, or “password”, “Password” & “Password1” are all essentially random looking strings that give no clue what the original…

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Only 3 letters from my password?

Are you worried about your bank only asking for 3 characters from your password to let you into your banking? There’s a good argument for a few tweaks there, but 3 characters is 26^3 to 1 (17576:1) against guessing (or 36^3 if alphanumeric {46656:1}) so works well in theory & practise. If someone sees what…

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New 0333 low cost phone number

Put this in your phone: 0333 800 1 24 7 Due to issues with 0845 and 0870 numbers, & even 0800 numbers working out very expensive for both us and the caller from a mobile, last week I took the step of getting a new phone number. 0333 800 1 24 7 is the new…

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Gun cabinets opened

Yes, the game season has ended, but should you be unable to locate your cabinet keys next time you need your firearms or shotguns out the gunsafe, you can be safe in the knowledge that we can open your gunsafe non – destructively in 99% of cases, & this will keep the police happy come…

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Default password? Let me Google that for you.

If you don’t change the default password on your device, you might as well not have one set. Seriously, it takes seconds to Google sites and manuals, & of course there are other sites that compile lists of these as well. That’s a recent article about a Russian based website that gloms the feeds…

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Is your estate agent trustworthy?

You may trust all those you give keys to, but others may have had access to keys before you moved in, or while the house or flat was vacant. I resecured a house recently after a few ‘strange occurrences’ that made it clear that someone was letting themselves in. The owner was adamant that he…

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Sneaking past the air gap

It occurred to me a few days ago that there is a simple way past many security systems in this semi-Internet-of-Things time. There are a large number of devices that use an SDcard, USB device or other removable storage media. There is an old attack where a specially prepared USB stick is dropped in our…

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