Sport picking

I do enjoy going to sport picking events. There are now several across the UK, and I know the organisers of most of the events, and sometimes even help out. Professionally, I have had static from quite a few people, generally the older locksmiths, who are against teaching anything to those outside the industry. However, …

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Tool development

Following some tests last weekend with the world’s fastest lock impressioner, Jos Weyers, I am now moving ahead with the development of a couple of new tools to help the everyday locksmith to master this very effective system for lock opening. More info soon. Unsure who will be the distributor yet, but currently manufacturing of …

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New SEO services

Just a quick shout out to our new search engine optimisation team at who are taking over maintaining and promoting the Discreet Security site in the now very crowded locksmithing market. It is difficult to find time when out doing actual locksmithing & emergency door openings, so a low cost but effective service is …

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