Warded door locks in Britain

I am delighted to host this paper on warded locks for my friend Richard Phillips. If you are familiar with locks at all, you’ll likely know that warded locks were, for centuries, what protected almost anything of value, and they are still in use today on churches and other old buildings, with original locks that are centuries old still being in daily use.

This treatise talks about the history of warded door locks, and also offers tips on fitting a key and basic servicing. However, please call a locksmith if you’re stuck! Use the knowledge in this paper to help you find a locksmith worthy of the name, who actually understands and respects the historical lock!

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For archive purposes, version 4 is below:

4 thoughts on “Warded door locks in Britain”

  1. Hi Shaun, thanks for the comment, but I can’t take much credit for it, it is Richard’s work!

  2. In this great article you will get to know about the best warded door locks in britain. It makes the work straight and easy for us. Such illustrations are given that a layman could even understand. It is an easy to comprehend blog which can be instigated by all at least once. This is a great post; I will share as much as I can.

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