Is your estate agent trustworthy?


You may trust all those you give keys to, but others may have had access to keys before you moved in, or while the house or flat was vacant.

I resecured a house recently after a few ‘strange occurrences’ that made it clear that someone was letting themselves in. The owner was adamant that he had never heard of such a thing in his 40 years renting out property, but the tenant had evidence. Who it was? No idea. But they won’t be getting in again.

In another case, expats returning to the UK traveled over with their removal firm, supervised the unloading and locked up before returning to close the sale of their overseas property. On their return, boxes had been owned and rummaged through – clearly very distressing, & at the time I was changing their locks, they had no idea what may have been taken!

So, get your locks changed as a priority when you move.

2 thoughts on “Is your estate agent trustworthy?”

  1. As Locksmiths we would advise landlords to fit Avocet antisnap security locks because these locks cannot be cut by anyone. Avocet have a key register system, and when keys are usually cut by an authourised locksmith he will usually ask for Id. This is important to eliminate the duplication of keys by tenants and also as a way of providing security to the landlord or agent without the need to change locks every tenancy. Security keys are very important when it comes to renting properties as a protection for your property

  2. I wouldn’t recommend the ABS if you want to avoid unauthorised duplication. There are several places online that will cut them without any checks. Worse, there is a program that allows anyone with a 3D printer costing not much money to make their own key with no traceability.

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