In which Thievery is pondered

Wondermark comics #982 ; In which Thievery is pondered

Stumbled across this earlier.

I have a lot of dealings with the edges of criminality. I replace locks when keys are stolen, under a court warrant I break into places that may or may not have an owner, I see the results of burglary and repair them to a higher standard, and I open houses for gas emergencies or when a key is lost or left inside. I also try my best to keep up with every exploit to do with physical security, both those known to locksmiths, those found by criminals, and those reveal by locksport enthusiasts and researchers.

When you deal with me and my company, I can bring all this knowledge and near ten years of daily experience to bear, to keep you safe. Few things in life are as satisfying as being called back to carry out a burglary repair to a home I’ve secured, where the attackers failed to get in.

Happy New Year, I hope it is a good one. And if you suspect someone has taken a copy of your keys, I can help you avoid any confrontation.


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