Yes, it’s a crime-and-lock related news round-up!

A new initiative to boost confidence in the UK police has been launched.  Islington, Lewisham and Havering in London are having specifically targeted ultra-local posters at bus stops and other “street level” locations on roads and other locations that are deemed to have a crime or anti-social behaviour problem.

R2D2 on steroids? Or a daft CCTV camera on wheels? New “robot nightwatchman” aims to replace manned security patrols.

Massive safe causing massive headache in Cardiff.

Eight strong burglary gang banged up for 28 years:

And, on a lighter note, Ocean’s Eleven (jokingly) named as suspects in massive Kentucky, U.S. bourbon heist.

(We suspect it might be the guy with the really bad hangover)

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