Incorrigible rogues can sleep safely at night

With the Queen’s Speech mere hours away, here is some very vaguely related news.

Incorrigible rogues can sleep safely at night (or whenever) – it is no longer a criminal offence to be one in England and Wales. 308 other offences were also removed from the books. (Or perhaps haven’t been yet because it happens in May?)

…but you can still be gaoled for life for even imagining the overthrow of the monarchy, as that was added to the revocation list by mistake!

Yes, tenuous Christmas linking, but hopefully interesting!

Here’s a small bit of other useful info:

An “incorrigible” person is defined as someone “not able to be changed or reformed”. Thanks, The Oxford English Dictionary. No wonder no-one was ever prosecuted for it. Proving someone incapable of being reformed beyond a reasonable doubt would be impossible, even with no legal aid defence lawyer!


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