Got a security problem?

We fit alarms, CCTV & locks to anywhere and anything.  Got something you think can’t be secured? Try us.

We have secured ancient relics in churches, down to the church organ to prevent people fiddling.

We have fitted physical access control to web-based startups. Added CCTV to premises for deterrence and evidence after the fact.

We are the county’s approved installer of the StranDNA anti-home invasion forensic alarm system, which sounds the alarm and marks the attackers for weeks worth a UV dye and forensic market.

We have actively prevented criminals from getting into a targeted house, and then stopped them again when they returned with heavier equipment a few nights later! Which is always nice.

So, give us a call. We don’t just do safes and door locks!

3 thoughts on “Got a security problem?”

  1. Very good articles. I would recommend people reading it and getting more ideas about what they can do to get their property secured. Most people just leave it to until when it’s too late while they should really do something about it when they can.

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