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National Home Security Month

Happy “National Home Security Month”. Or something.

Yale have kept it rather quiet – I didn’t see anything at the Master Locksmiths Association show – but as the nights draw in again, it’s a wise idea to consider your home and business security.

Criminals have far more time to work when it is cold and dark, as they are less likely to be seen and the cover of darkness gives them a sense of safety.

Thefts from farm buildings, barns and sheds are currently on the increase, with the lower likelihood of CCTV, recognition, police presence or alarms in the countryside making criminals more likely to travel further afield. Recently several Land Rovers have been stolen too.

An easy check is too nip round your house and check all the window locks are actually locked again after the summer. If you have lost your keys, a locksmith can normally find replacement ones  – I carry about 150 different types on the van to get the correct key for your window – and if you take a photo of the lock you can simply nip into your high street locksmith, who will usually have a working key in stock for you.

Ladders should be locked up, or locked down. A simple ground anchor and a cheap cable lock will ruin the night of anyone planning to steal your ladders, or worse, use them to break into your house!

Have a walk around and see if anything jumps out at you (hopefully not literally!) regarding your security.  If you are still worried, or there is work you would like done, give us a call.

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