Access control systems

Although really just a fancy doorbell, access control, just like a doorbell, can make your life far easier.

Discreet Security has just completed an installation in Malvern for a new business. The set-up of the building meant that, with their less used conference room downstairs and the bulk of the office upstairs, people were simply walking into the building without warning or control. Obviously, something was needed!

I attended and measured up, drafted a quote for an expandable but currently single point video intercom with a magnet lock on the downstairs door, and, of course, a PTE (Push To Exit) and emergency release “Break glass”, as well as wiring it into the fire alarm system and mains fused spur.

The PTE and “Break Glass to Exit” unit I selected was one that is new to the market, and contains both items in one housing. The “glass” is also plastic, and key resetable in moments, so with its flip-up plastic cover it is both unlikely to be accidentally tripped, and instantly accessed in an emergency situation. I must say I was very impressed by the high build quality and easy configuration.

The door magnet was a bit of a challenge, but a new bracket was fabricated, and the end result is solid and good looking.

As a result of the successful install, staff now have entry codes, while visitors ring for access, and can be buzzed in remotely. Issues with unauthorised access are a thing of the past – the magnet has a high holding force, and the brief test where two people pulled & pushed the outwards opening door failed to gain entry, with the existing pull handle deemed likely to fail first!

If you or your company need access to somewhere controlled, at whatever level, from a simple combination door lock right up to multi-layer high security systems with entry codes, CCTV and electronic & mechanical locks, give us a call for a free quote today.

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