Thinking of training as a locksmith?

Thinking of training as a locksmith?

Thinking you’ll be getting rich quick, due to the “national shortage” the locksmith training firms are shouting about?

For a little perspective, I did a search, and, in brackets after the link, you will see how many testimonials, names or companies there are for each training school… (7) (6) (33) (23) (4) (8) (44) (100+ – membership of their organisation the NNAL is 750+ ) (lots) (specifically names 34 large organisations such as hospitals, police, councils, and the Army) (8) (4)

And then I gave up, not having the heart to go beyond the FIRST page of Google’s search results.

Even ignoring the apparently insane number of members of the NNAL trained by in Birmingham, or trained up by, we get 7+6+33+23+4+8+44+34+8+4 or 171 new “locksmiths” testimonials.

And every single one of them is there for you to see for yourself. Now consider how many people never bother to give a testimonial, and how many have trained just in this last week.

Still want to waste your £2000?

Oh, and plumbing is full as well.

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