Who says burglars don’t pick or bump locks?

Here’s a report I found online, reporting on a 2-man crimewave using bumpkeys. Lasting over several years, the police had a very good idea who was behind it, and despite traiing them for 2 years theey never got them red-handed. However, when police eventually went to one of their houses, they found it packed with stolen goods! Bumping criminals caught in USA

Closer to home, I went last week to a church who had been targeted. The big old and impressive lock on the vestry door had been opened, and my investigation revealed it was picked with wires. A few hundred pounds in cash was taken. Hardly worth it – robbing a church? If there is a god, and a hell, then those criminals will really regret that choice!

We hope to prevent the need for divine retribution, though. The new security system, carefully designed and chosen to be in keeping with the very old and beautiful wood and stone, should keep anyone unauthorised out for a very long time.

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