The hazards of living in the countryside

Here’s an interesting job. Called to open a door in the countryside south of Tenbury Wells, with lost keys. I tried picking it, and nothing. No movement, nothing’s working. I finally get the door open without damage, open the lock case, and see this.

Packed full of... stuff
Packed full of... stuff

A family of wasps had built a home inside it, out of clay!

5 thoughts on “The hazards of living in the countryside”

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  3. richard phillips

    Are you sure they are wasps? The usual insect is the red mason bee, Osmia rufa, which this looks to be. Wasp nests are mostly made of paper, though there are some mud-using wasps in southern Europe.
    i had a lock completely full, and the bee had been parasitised by a tiny wasp (c2mm) as well.

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