uPVC repair systems – don’t be mis-sold a new door!

Discreet Security now has both the skills and equipment to repair all your uPVC “plastic” doors and windows, from failed or jamming locks and locking strips, right through re-glazing a failed unit, to repairing both structural and cosmetic damage to both white and wood-effect PVCu windows and doors.

Repairing a frame made of unplasticised PolyVinylChloride, which is the “white plastic” door and window (and, increasingly, barge boards, soffits, fascias and gable ends) seen on many houses build or remodelled in the last 30 or so years, is now possible, with repairs from just £50 for minor repairs, up to around £200 for major work*. While £200 might sound like a lot, it is still less than half the cost of replacing the entire door!

The Konig repairs system is ideal for the repair of crowbar damage, drill holes, even large cracks and the sometimes brutal holes left by the un-sophisticated 2-day course locksmiths. Rather than being forced to buy an entire new uPVC unit, you could get it repaired by us for rather less. And the results are, in skilled hands, mind-blowing, with even large damages flawlessly repaired.

Repairs are also possible to the “woodgrain” finished PVC systems, those that look like wood but are uPVC underneath. Damage to these normally shows through the skin to reveal the white material underneath. Again in skilled hands the results are amazing, with the repair visible only under the closest scrutiny.

*The most extreme example we have seen was a double door that was hit by a reversing builders lorry, which shattered the entire base and both doors. This was fully repaired and the glazed units replaced, for around £500. The replacement costs for these newly fitted units in the brand new house were over £2000!

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