Who do you tell you are going away?

I’m back, refreshed from a week away, my first proper holiday for some years. Yet I left no online message on the blog to tell our customers. The reasoning is obvious, though some would argue there is no harm, it only takes a few moments to work out where we are based – click the “Contact us” page! – and, indeed, pull up my house on Google Earth (though not yet on StreetView)

From a security point of view, my answering machine simply said that everyone was busy, and to leave a message if we could be of further assistance. This didn’t prevent the phone from ringing at odd hours – three calls around 3am alongside the many others – but when it wasn’t always answered at least people knew most of the story.

Of course, all our large clients were informed, and most of our large clients remembered. 🙂

Anyway, my advice to you about going away is to be circumspect in public and specific with those you know and trust. Especially be aware of systems like Twitter and Facebook, where your updates will often make it clear that you are not at home, and for how long.

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