Pickbuster authorised agent for Birmingham and the West Midlands

Discreet Security has just signed up as the linked provider of the Pickbuster anti-bumping solution.

You can view our new microsite on the Pickbuster website to verify this: http://www.pickbuster.co.uk/Discreet Security

Pickbuster is a relatively simple and low cost solution to the problems presented by lock bumping. Lock bumping has been known for nearly 100 years in the close-knit locksmithing community, but with the growth of sites allowing user content to be easily added, this cat has truely gotten out the bag. Google returns plenty of results, and a few videos, including mainstream news reports such as this one from the USA.

So, which locks are at risk? In the UK, every single white plastic uPVC door you see is a target, and over 99% of them are vulnerable. A few aren’t, because they are either broken, have unusually high security locks (as even most high security locks are easily beaten with this technique) or they have been treated with Pickbuster already. Perhaps more worryingly still, one “universal” bumpkey freely available online for a few pounds will open about 95% of all of these doors!

Wooden doors aren’t quite so vulnerable, as long as you are locking the mortice lock when going out, and dropping the snib when inside. Lever locks can be bumped, sort of, but it is a technique that has been de-fanged for any modern lever lock with a security rating. They are also far stronger than the latch alone, so do remember to turn that key on your way out!

If you are worried, and would like some free advice, have a read around this site, have a look online (that Google link above is a good start, as is the Pickbuster website) and feel free to leave a question in the comments or send us an email. Remember, we can treat your locks fairly quickly, and stop this threat, and also take a look at your properties security to see what other, often small, changes would enhance your security.

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