Rogue Traders on “locksmiths” ‘down sarf’

Seems there are a few rogue locksmiths running around down near Essex and London, and by charging over £200 a time to open simple – no, trivial – locks to gain entry for lock-outs, they got picked up and set up by Rogue Traders. You can watch the action at and trust me, it is worth it!

There are at least 4 ways to open that door without damage to the door or the lock, 5 if you include smashing the window. Don’t get me wrong, there are some locks that look like the two featured locks that are quite hard to open, and sometimes you will get one that for whatever reason will not play, but in the last 100 doors I’ve opened of that style, I haven’t had to drill a single one.

I can honestly say I’ve never charged more than half what either of the featured Rogue Traders for opening a door. And, don’t forget, if I did drill your lock, I’d be replacing it free, under the ICL guarantee.

(Locksmiths who cannot pick a simple lock are, however, not as scary as the fake CORGI gasmen, though. At least with the locks it was just money, and not money and your life at risk when it turns out they are cowboys.)

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