Change your alarm codes every year

I helped in the execution of a warrant yesterday, one where the previous attempt to get in had left the lock butchered and inoperable after about 2 hours without access being gained, and two pretty big holes through it. I spent some time working on this one to open it and sort it out, before replacing the lock and fixing the handle. (Click the images for the larger versions.)

From the outside.The butchered front door lock

Once inside the alarm tripped. And that brings me to the real subject of this post.

I silenced the alarm within 20 seconds. I used most of the time the trigger gave the normal user to punch in the code to insert my ear plugs, and still had it quiet within 10 seconds of the sounders going off. It wasn’t some amazing magic trick, nor anything destructive. Take a look at the alarm panel, and see if you, too, can work out the code digits. (Again, you can click on the image for a larger version, but you might not need to!)

Alarm code determination

I figured that 4, 6 and 0 figured in the code, and since most codes are 4 digits, the fourth try turned it off. Not really rocket science on this one!

If you get into the habit of changing your alarm code every time you notice the digits you are using are starting to wear or get dirty, then you will effectively stop this trick cold. And, if you have an alarm or safe that are insurance rated, you should get your codes changed every 6 months regardless, to comply with the insurance requirements.

Discreet Security Solutions offers this service, along with many other locksmithing and security related services. We will probably find security issues you weren’t even aware of, but that could be exploited to leave you and your business or home in a far worse state than when you locked the door and went on your way. And, normally, there are low-tech, low-cost solutions to your security problem. Give us a call on 0333 800 1 247 or drop us a line today.

3 thoughts on “Change your alarm codes every year”

  1. Well, it is down to you and your insurance, and whether it will still cover you after a break-in, especially if the intruder simply turned your alarm off at the panel, by, for example, having worked in your store previously, or known the old owner of your house, or even just looked for the chocolate fingerprints your ten year old left on the panel a few months before!

    If you have a 4 digit code, and there is obvious wear or dirt on the keypad, your 10,000 possible combinations drops right down to just a handful to guess at.

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