Good news for customers of some other locksmiths

New regulations to clamp down on unfair trading

This is great news, and will help put a lot of the rogue traders out of business. And there are few places with more cowboys than the “Driller Killer” locksmiths, whose work I am so frequently seeing. Even some of the large locksmithing organisations support drilling as the first resort, as they see the profits of their members as being more important than offering value for money. The ICL are different – we replace your lock for free if we destroy it (as long as it was working beforehand) so that quote won’t suddenly be “and another £40 for the new lock”.


On 26 May, new regulations affecting all UK businesses that trade with consumers are set to come into force, if they are approved by Parliament.
The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations will protect honest businesses by targeting the underhand practices of ‘rogue traders’.
The new regulations will ban 31 types of unfair commercial practices outright. They will also establish a general principle not to trade unfairly, use aggressive selling techniques or mislead consumers, helping to close loopholes that have previously been exploited.
For more information on the new Consumer Protection Regulations, please visit the following website:

1 thought on “Good news for customers of some other locksmiths”

  1. 24_hour_manchester_locksmith find the use of these electric pick guns to be more and more widely used by criminal gangs and the use of these tools and widespread sales will make the advantage of higher increases in burglary more common and defy the use of qualified locksmiths with their own techniques of picking.

    This tool takes away the proffesionalism and techniques we currently use and allow our trade to be opened up to all sorts of “Rogue Traders”.


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