Supra Keysafe – registered installers for the West Midlands

If you haven’t heard of the line of keysafes from Supra™ then click on the link just there. 🙂

Seriously, Discreet Security Solutions is now an accredited installer for Supra keysafes, a task which we fulfil with our high levels of care and no little pride. Over one and a half million of these keysafes have been sold in the UK since they were introduced, and they keep safe hundreds of thousands of people’s keys. In the event of an emergency, say a fall or a fire, those attending can quickly gain entry without damage.

Of course, even if you are not a typically vulnerable person, one of these mini-safes will save you the cost of a call-out should you lose your keys. We don’t charge quite as much for a call-out as one of these safes costs, but then it won’t take you as long as it takes us to get to the scene and help you get in! And, of course, should you call some other locksmith, who can say how high your bill might turn out to be?

If you live in the Discreet Security catchment area, give Supra a ring, and just a few days later you get to meet me (most likely) and we will get your spare keys locked up securely, somewhere more useful and more secure than your bedside or kitchen drawer!


Nigel the locksmith

3 thoughts on “Supra Keysafe – registered installers for the West Midlands”

  1. How secure is one of these key safes? Haven’t you effectively reduced the security on your house down to a key code combination?

  2. Mr Blair, (if that is your real name)

    You are absolutely right. However, with no bypasses or vulnerabilities, and a more than 2mm of solid steel on all external surfaces, anchored to a secure wall, I can state confidently that unless you still live in a house with bomb-proof, bullet-proof security like Number 10 (which has no front door lock keyhole) these little locking boxes are more solid than your door, and certainly your windows.

    I entered 8 houses today, and drilled no locks. I picked three on the first house, and in total I opened I think 12 locks. Not one took more than 15 minutes. After playing with many of these Supra boxes, including stripping one down completely and probing it for 2 hours, I could find no way in short of a brute-force attack that would, on average, take many hours of standing in plain sight.

    Of course, the box is also nearly always located discreetly, to ensure that most visitors would not even realise there was anything there, and it is disguised, so that most people would not know what they were looking at, which adds to the security even further.

    So no, unless you are giving the combination to all and sundry, you are not reducing your security. And if I thought that these useful boxes did have any real risk to them, I would not be installing them!

  3. Sounds good. I guess we forget that these little bits of metal we use as security only protect us against casual burglars. Anybody determined enough (and with the right tools/skill) can get through them easy enough.

    I’ll suggest that Gordon gets one fitted near the front door, he’s always loosing his keys after going out on a bender.

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