The “751 key”

From Local 8 news in the USA.

“For the past month Local News 8 reporter Josh Davis has been investigating what is known as the “751 Key” which is the key you got when you bought your [mobile home].

The problem is that all the keys are the same.”

Unlike cars, the same cut of key is used for nearly all mobile homes! Get your locks changed today, or someone on the same campsite, or even a thief, might just let themselves in to yours. This job can be done for about £50, including the locks, in most cases.

We can also install better security on the doors of your mobile home. We recently fitted a BS2004 mortise deadlock to a motorhome, due to concerns over a French gang that has been gassing tourists and then forcing a way in to camper vans, and stealing everything of value. This was a difficult and relatively expensive job, at £100, but it is almost certainly the most secure useable-from-both-sides motorhome door in the country right now.

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