Locked Out? Need A Lock Changed?

For a fast response from a local locksmith

in Herefordshire and Worcestershire,

call 0333 800 1 247 or 07980 143625

We cover all your security needs. Emergency locksmithing, boarding-up and all-aspects security consultancy.

*Your lock replaced FREE if drilled so NO hidden hardware costs!*

Physical security can sometimes go wrong, and usually at the worst time. At 2am, you get home, and your key won't even go in the lock, or worse, it has snapped off in your hand. It's raining and cold, and who can you call to help? In Tenbury Wells, Bromyard, Leominster and the surrounding areas, we can! A local rate call to 0333 800 1 247 will normally get us to you in well under an hour, mostly depending on traffic. Even better, we can often help you over the phone, in real time, because you can talk to a proper locksmith, and not just a call center.

In the event of the worst happening, we can secure your property and carry out urgent security repairs, preventing an intruder from returning later, or other opportunists taking advantage.

Forgotten your password?

Computer security can also go wrong. A corrupted password or disk will often ruin more than just your whole day. Our IT experts can often salvage the situation, and recover your data, decrypt and return it to you in working order.

Firewalls, filters and packet sniffing software can all be used to stop an attack on your IT systems quite rapidly, as well as gathering log files for the authorities to use against the system crackers, getting you back to more profitable work.

Of course, prevention is better than cure! A security audit by our experienced staff can uncover sometimes subtle interactions that threaten your overall security. See our consultancy page for details.

Whether you are locked out of your computer or your house, we can help.

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