Mauer 71111 safe lock opening

Took delivery yesterday of a new pick for the Mauer 71111, an 8 lever key operated safe lock, which just happens to be the most commonly used safe lock in the world.

Made by Jason Jones, himself an expert safe opener & toolsmith (he’s given up the cowboy crowded, low profit ‘locksmithing’ part of the market, and who can blame him?) and as with the other tools of his I have used, this one is up to the usual very high standard.

He even included a thumbdrive with a comprehensive set of instructions and a tutorial video, which is nice.

The pick is beautifully machined and finished, with a knurled red anodised handle and a neat indicator, as well as ‘print your own’ PDF sheets.

It is currently sitting on the kitchen table next to a 71111 safe lock, ready for some practice. 🙂

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